Classic Division

Handguns must be based on and visibly resemble the classic 1911-genre design.  This means a single-stack, once piece metal frame, slide with stirrup cuts, and a dust cover.



Production Division

Only handguns listed as approved on the IPSC website may be used in Production Division.  Note that handguns deemed by IPSC to be single-action only are expressly prohibited.



Standard Division

Standard division hand guns are purposely built competition guns.  Modifications to improve the functionality are permitted, however no optical sights or compensatory are to be used and the handgun must meet the size restrictions.



Open Division

Also known as ‘race guns’, Open guns are the Ferraris of the practical shooting world.  Optical sights, compensators & extended magazines (subject to local laws) are all allowed.



Revolver Division

Moving away from the semi-automatic style of handgun, revolvers add a different dimension to the sport.  Normal Revolver division is a 6-shot handgun with iron sights, however the un-official Open Revolver division caters for up to 8 shot revolvers with optic sights and compensators.


For more in-depth information of the rules and restrictions of IPSC Divisions, you can visit IPSC.org website here.